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Build your own users audience to test design, visuals, ads and copy with them, anytime
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change the game

Build quality UX with people who care

Connect your users into a network that will generate organic insights, naturally



Build reputation

Spread the word about yourself as a company who cares about its customers feedback.



Make best decisions

Speed up design decisions with reliable UX testing data from real people who used your products.



Improve experience

Get instant data on what and why could be improved, and include it into your design process.

All that people can tell, covered

Usability testing

Compare versions A/B

First impression

Information clarity

Ease to sign up

Decide best features

and more…
free UX advice library!
take a leap ahead

Become a user-centric team, in a day

Authentic profile

Create a unique profile, similar to Instagram or Facebook where your users can follow your communication.

Live interactions

Encourage and observe how people interact with your design and products, and comment on each other’s feedback.

Rewards system

Make everything easy with a pre-built reward system to tip engagement and honesty.

the track to follow

Grow together with your users

Attract experts

Attract advice from experts of the field in which you seek to work.

Connect with relevant people

Match with relevant audience instantly, instead of manually searching for participants for days.

Make user-centric decisions

Accelerate your meetings with fresh user data and understanding how it can empower product decisions.

Live, authentic network

Connect people with experience, ideas and advice into one place, for your team.

Build your own audience

Invite your current users to join your team’s testing pool and have feedback from those who actually use your products.

Discover your strengths

See your design through the eyes of customer and decide what and why could be the next big thing for your business.

we all wanted that

Let relevant people test your design and product, any time, while you sip that cup of coffee. ☕


We were noticed

Our vision to connect companies with customers for meaningful feedback has been recognized internationally.

TechHub pre-accelerator 2022


TechHub pre-accelerator 2022
EU Startups Summit 2022 1,300 applicants

Top 50 Finalist

EU Startups Summit 2022 1,300 applicants
BLC Business Challenge 2021

Top 3 Winner

BLC Business Challenge 2021

Wave goodbye to testing that doesn’t bring you anywhere 👋

Build better UX which for 89% of customers are ready to pay

With people who use your product for real.

Grow your network

With people who use your product for real.
To find the best audience in the least time.

AI matching

To find the best audience in the least time.
To save hours of your team's time.

Ready test templates

To save hours of your team’s time.
To make quick and efficient UX decisions.

Fast & simple

To make quick and efficient UX decisions.

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