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Based on the guidelines of the world’s leading UX organizations:
World's Largest Online Design School

Interaction Design Foundation

World’s Largest Online Design School
World's Leaders in Research-Based User Experience

Nielsen Norman Group

World’s Leaders in Research-Based User Experience
UX Design Certificate program


UX Design Certificate program

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Digital services
Complex systems

Usability testing

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Perception tests


Interview questions

Feature discovery

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Unleash the potential of UX research

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Discover the secrets of successful UX research with our extensive library of cutting-edge cases.

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You don’t need a diploma or previous experience in UX. Olie assistant does most of the work for you and provides guidelines.

empower the skills you have

Support your team’s UX role

From beginner to advanced

Olie has been specifically tailored for smaller and less experienced teams. It also seamlessly integrates with professional’s work.

Hundreds of scenarios

Choose from engaging tasks and mini surveys based on the most advanced methods

Reduce manual work

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks that often don’t provide the result you want. Let AI do the work for you.

Research better, and faster

Ask your customers the right questions and set yourself for insights that can change your business to better.

No specialist required

With Olie, anyone can create exceptional UX research and tests without the need for a specialist.

Learn to build quality UX research

From the basics to advanced techniques, master the art of UX research with Olie.

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Get UX tests designed in less time than it takes to savor your morning brew ☕


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Our vision make professional UX research accessible for every team has been recognized internationally:

TechHub pre-accelerator 2022


TechHub pre-accelerator 2022
EU Startups Summit 2022 1,300 applicants

Top 50 Finalist

EU Startups Summit 2022 1,300 applicants
BLC Business Challenge 2021

Top 3 Winner

BLC Business Challenge 2021

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Based on world's most established practices.

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Based on world’s most established practices.
From tests to surveys - you name it.

Instant generator

From tests to surveys – you name it.
To save hours of your team's time.

AI & automation

To save hours of your team’s time.
For make quick and efficient product decisions.

Fast & simple

For make quick and efficient product decisions.

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